Metal Fach Z562 baler


Ex Demo Metal Fach Z562 round baler

This baler is based on the old Welger RP12 baler and is a brilliant little baler.

Only been used to bale 2 fields so basically brand new!

The Z562 was the first Polish baler to use an innovative method of baler production, whose reliability and high degree of tightness of rolling (pressing) ensure a completely cylindrical rolling chamber. Thanks to this solution it obtains silage of very high quality.
The use of an 180 cm wide collector improves the efficiency of gathering, and the addition of mesh wrapper improves the efficiency up to 30%.
The baler is also equipped with an applicator for making silage during gathering.
A modern locking mechanism of the back door, unlike the hydraulic one, does not use hydraulic power from the tractor, which results in better efficiency of the baler and lower fuel use. Through the use of wide tires this baler is well suited to be used in wetter areas.


9,500 + VAT Reduced from 10,000 + VAT

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