Carre Prairial S Singlepass 3m c/w Air Seeder (Meadow Preperation)

An evolution of the chain harrow/grass harrow,  the Carre Prairial Singlepass facilitates meadow regeneration, scarification, molehill removal, cow dung and moss removal.





The PRAIRIAL’S original design
provides great operating stability at
high speed (up to 12 km/h).
• 3-point attachment by pins,Categories Nos.2/3
• 100x8 tubular frame 120x60x8 and
• 4 knife-holding and levelling blade holding
bars 70x5mm.
• Reversible knives with a pitch of 200
or 250mmon 2 bars at the front.
• The knives’operating depth is adjustable
bymeans of a screwed push bar.
• Staggered levelling blades on 2 fixed bars
at the rear.
• The knives and blades are fixed
on flexible blades.
• 8mmdia. rootrake harrow on 2 rows at
the rear with adjustable aggressiveness.
• Hydraulic folding from4.50m:
• Transport width:
- Fixedmodel:3m
- Foldingmodels:2.50m
• Pair of tyred depth gauge wheels
18 x 8.50-8 (460 dia. x 220)


• Controlled fall-prevention and double flaps on the jacks of the folding models.
• 3 automatically locking stands. 
• Transport width 2.50mon the folding models.
• Access gangway on the SEMLOC sower.
• Signalling and lighting included on the folding models



• 3rd point pin No.2/3mounted on steel plate 20mmthick.
• Compact, single-piece frame, fully welded and including attachment
to avoid taking up play.
• Polyamide slides and rings to avoid steel/steel contact by the moving parts.
• The fitting of levelling blades on flat spring tines 80x12 provides resistance
to significant efforts.
• Optional fitting of carbide knives.


• Screwed push bar adjustment of the depth control knives.
• Handle screw systemwith rule for adjusting the depth control wheels.
• Sector pin adjustment of the depth control harrow.
• Reversible knives with significant wear range.
• Clip pins provide rapid harrow tines changing.



• Oscillation of the extensions on the folding models to adapt to ground irregularities.
• Choice of knife pitch: 200 or 250mm
• Crenellated levelling blade for maximum aggressiveness and angle of inclination
providing perfect operating stability. Staggered arrangement to improve stone evacuation.
• Can be combined with the SARCLERSE weeding harrow by adding rear lifting.
The rootrake harrow is removed in this case.

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