Zetor Machinery


We are able to offer "Trac-Lift" loader units. Trac-Lift loaders are designed with specialist "know-how" and built using the latest manufacturing technology, - a guarantee of high quality with performance to match. CAD design, CNC tooling, laser profiling and robotic welding ensure the highest precision at every stage of manufacture. For increased strength & reliability, booms are built using a unique closed "U" profile.

Drum Mowers

Drum mower cutting widths range from 1.63 metres to 2.16metres, requiring between 40hp and 45hp. The mowers can cut between 2.1 and 2.0 hectares per hour.

Flail Toppers & Flail Mowers

Zetor also produce flail toppers and flail mowers. Flail topper widths range from 1.82m to 3.58m, while flail mower widths range from 2.45m to 2.72m.


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